About Us

The story of La Squisita began in 1918 when Frank Laria founded the food company in the Bronx that originally would bear his family name. Frank took pride in his business and wanted the company to have a name that embodied the quality and taste of his products. He chose La Squisita, which means Exquisite in Italian, and La Squisita Food Corp. was established.

A new chapter began when La Squisita was acquired in 1989 to two brothers, Joseph and Robert DeBenedictis. Keeping with the family tradition that La Squisita has always embraced, Joe and Rob were joined by brothers-in-laws John Covais and Anthony Angarola in 1997 as part of La Squisita’s management team.

Over the years, La Squisita earned a reputation for excellence and the highest quality foods. In 2005, the family acquired the Salvati label, a brand recognized for its jarred antipasto and vinegar. 2011 signals a new era for La Squisita, as the business goes from the Bronx to a brand new state of the art warehousing and manufacturing facility in Mount Vernon, New York.
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